Cheryl A. Boyd, MS
Non-Profit Advisor/Treasurer

Gary Klein, PhD
Resident Services Coordinator

David Leach
Resident Maintenance

The Alumni Group, Incorporated

Project Description

The Alumni Group (T.A.G.) is a non-profit 501(c)(3)
organization. The group has been mentoring men for
approximately 13 years.
None of the staff, volunteers
or officers is paid
. In 2006 the group incorporated in
order to operate as an official charity. Empowered by
our own recovery and a vision of supporting the
extended recovery of others, our mission is to mentor
and provide transitional shelter for low-income, at-
risk men who have recovered from their addictions but
who need support in developing the life skills
necessary to reunite with their families and become
productive members of the community. T.A.G.
President, Kent Henry, Vice President, Kenneth
Thomas and Outreach coordinator, Javier Marrero are
the leaders of the non-profit organization that is         

To accomplish our mission, T.A.G. has acquired its
first home in the Chester area for transitional living.
Each home will provide living space for three
residents.  Mentors, who will not live in the home, but
who have developed the life skills needed for
successful integration into their families and
communities, will each be matched to a resident.

T.A.G.’s philosophy of empowering men in transition
differs from traditional halfway house approaches.  
Much of our philosophy can be gleaned from our
website (  In brief, our
approach derives from focusing on the spiritual,
emotional, fiscal, educational and social development
of each man in the context of becoming a strong,
positive community member.  Our philosophy is
currently practiced at weekly recovery meetings led by
several men who will become mentors.  Much of these
meetings entail interweaving the teachings of  societal
norms and personal life experiences.  

T.A.G. Members are eager to create the type of
communal arrangement that many of them wished
they had during a formative period of their own
recoveries, and want to mentor those who are
recovering and have recovered in a home-like setting.  
T.A.G. is finalizing the finer details of the mentoring
relationship, which include selection and matching
criteria and the “Exit Plan” that will serve as a basis
for each relationship.  In brief, the Exit Plan will
include employment,education, financial savings and
social  goals established by the resident, who will be
provided with the needed environment and social
relationships to achieve these goals.  Residents will
“graduate from the program” when their goals are
attained, mostly within 1-2 years.

If you desire to follow-up with us, you can
reach our President, Kent Henry at:            
610-800-2994   or  

Our Inspiration

This group is inspired and motivated to develop
social  productivity in men who have had
problems with substance, abuse, through a plan
of mentoring and housing provision.

The Alumni Group will work with men who are
in search of freedom from addiction in a
substance abuse rehabilitation facility or
recovery mission, have a revealed potential for
successful recovery, and are moving into the
transitional phase of their rehabilitation. We are
dedicated to men who truly desire a total change
of lifestyle, but need guidance developing the
life and social skills necessary for such change.

The human support and services we provide
helps the person use and refine those skills. The
goal is interdependence and productivity in
“mainstream” life, and service to their

Kenneth Thomas, MS
Vice President

Kent D.  Henry
Howard Scott
Outreach Liaison